Take Telephone Bookings

With our product you can still take telephone bookings and record, progress and report on them in the same way as an online booking

Telephone reservations

Telephone reservations are still important for your business. It’s true, not everyone uses the internet, some people still want to talk to human beings and you’ll want to provide gold-star customer service to those guests ringing in.

Helping everyone

With Anytime you can input telephone bookings taken during the day directly into your system calendar. Using your easy-to-navigate admin area or ‘back-office’, you will enter your telephone bookings and process payments in moments, with those confirmation emails firing out automatically to save you time. Your guests will be impressed by your speed of service! When creating the booking, choose “Telephone” from the Source drop down in order to keep track of your telephone bookings.

“Great service from lovely people who are not only flexible and open in their approach but also have a good sense of humour and a genuine desire to help. Recently migrated to their systems for our holiday home rental business and it was one of the best business decisions we ever made.”
John Gunn, Managing Director, Sandcastle Holidays