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4 Ways We Have Helped Petruth Paddocks Thrive as a Successful Camping and Glamping Business Over the Past 10 Years

Cheddar, Somerset is home to one of the most successful camping and glamping businesses in the area – Petruth Paddocks. As their online booking management software partner, we take huge pride in supporting them every step of the way. 

We asked Jules Sayer, owner of Petruth Paddocks, to sum up how he thinks we have contributed to the success of his business – but over and above the usual reasons of providing robust booking management tools, saving him copious amounts of time, and keeping his operations around bookings and guest management streamlined and ticking along nicely.

Here are the four reasons he gave.  

1. Responsive, Knowledgeable, and Friendly Support Desk

Over the years Jules has been really creative with making his free range camping accessible to everyone. As he’s introduced glamping, it’s been easy for him to set up and roll out this new accommodation type within Anytime Booking and make the whole booking journey for his guests feel inclusive and fun. When Jules wanted to explore a different way to handle group bookings, we worked together to explore how a group leader would make a booking through their website. Now a DoE organiser can make what would seem like a complex booking for a big group easy as pie! 

At Anytime Booking, we clearly understand the importance of having a reliable support system in place. Our support desk is always ready to assist Petruth Paddocks and any of the hundreds of businesses we work with. We are well-versed in the intricacies of online booking management for camping and glamping businesses, our system supports all the nuances of doing business in this arena, and our people are a pleasure to work with.

2. Big Enough to Rely On, Small Enough to Care

One of the reasons why Petruth Paddocks chose us as their online booking management software provider is because we strike the perfect balance between being “big enough to rely on and small enough to care”. Unlike larger corporations that may treat clients as just another number, we value each and every customer relationship. We take the time to understand Petruth Paddocks’ unique needs and tailor our support accordingly. This personalised approach has allowed us to establish a strong partnership built on trust and mutual success.

We have developed our system after a lot of groundwork and research. But we can’t do everything.  While we focus on nailing down the booking process, the payment processing and perfectly timed booking confirmations, we also work closely with chosen partners who supply the things we don’t do. For example, our integration with Touch Stay means that the whole guest experience is supercharged and the pressure of the campsite owner having to answer repetitive questions is alleviated. Another example of how we really care about the campsite owner and the camper, and how we deliver.

3. Treating Us as People, Not an Inconvenience

When Jules joined us we were a team of four and now we are a team of thirteen. We all focus on different areas, but we are the ‘A team’ working together to ensure our users make the most out of all the features of our booking management system. Client success is super important to us; after all, without the community using our system, we wouldn’t be in business.

When working with Petruth Paddocks, we genuinely feel like we are a part of their team. In turn, they value our expertise and consider us integral to their business operations. This recognition and respect contribute significantly to the collaborative environment we share. Our relationships we have with our customers fuels our dedication to providing them with top-notch service and support.

4. Constant Improvement to the System as Technology Enables

We know Jules is always keen to try out any new feature we build; he is an avid beta-tester. This is so important to us, as with his feedback, we know if we have pitched the feature right (pun intended!) A great recent example is the redevelopment of our new drag and drop diary. We couldn’t release it into the wild without getting the thumbs up from Jules!  

At Anytime, we completely hand-craft the software ourselves, so we love having the real-time feedback from customers. This collaboration makes sure we are constantly evolving. By actively seeking ways to enhance our software, we ensure that Petruth Paddocks and all our customers benefit from the latest tools and features available to optimise their booking management. This dedication to innovation sets our clients apart from their competitors and allows them to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers, resulting in continued success.


The success of Petruth Paddocks is testament to all their vision and hard work, but also the power of effective online booking management. We are dedicated to continually improving our system, ensuring that Petruth Paddocks remains at the forefront of the camping and glamping industry.

Why don’t you explore how Anytime Booking can also be instrumental to your own business growth? Feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you. 

Vanessa Glossop

Communications Director, Anytime

Vanessa Glossop

Communications Director, Anytime