Glamping: Looking for A New Life in the Country?

Some simple tips to get you started
Anytime Booking is a PMS (property management software) company helping glamping businesses all over the UK and Europe to get established and to sell their holidays online. Here are some of our top tips for success!
Choose your land wisely and get planning permission from the beginning
With tourism development and farm diversification on the rise, there is a lot of help out there from planning departments. Talk to a planning consultant with experience of establishing glamping sites. If your location is within a 1-3 hour drive from a major city you will be able to capitalise on short-breaks from the rat-race.
Make good provision for private space
Glamping is very much at the top end of the hospitality industry so plan for decent sized plots, protected al fresco cooking and dining, heating, and quality showers and toilets – ensuite if possible!
Know your customers and your competition
It is important to identify who you want your main customer to be. This decision may influence your location, the extra activities your site will offer and even the type and size of your glamping structures. It is often wise to choose between catering for families or couples. By the same token, keep an eye on your competition and try to beat them in what you can offer.
Pay attention to the detail
Glamping is about high-end finishes and luxurious notes. Be generous with your budgeting; things will always cost more than you think. Have a business plan with projected rates and occupancy levels. Track your spend versus revenue. Don’t forget to factor in your accommodation and public liability insurance.
It’s ok to start small and grow

Give your business the chance to develop over time. You can always add new safari tents, pods or shepherd’s huts after a few seasons if you have the space. This way you can remain in complete control and can make decisions based on proven track record.
Get connected!

To maximise your conversion rate for enquiries, build a responsive website to showcase your business complete with high-quality photography and friendly, approachable writing. Introduce WiFi to your site if you can; while some visitors want true escapism, most do not! WiFi accessibility can be a defining factor in whether a guest books a holiday.
Invest in an online booking system with a PMS (property management software)
Every holiday-maker these days expects to be able to book online, whether direct through your website or via an OTA channel (online travel agent, such as TripAdvisor and the Glamping Hub). Befriend technology and make it easy for people to buy a holiday with you!
A good cloud-based PMS like Anytime Booking should be a central hub to your business and will enable it to run smartly and successfully. From bookings, availability, and reception desk features to task lists, financials, reporting, communications, e-marketing – we will help you do it all.
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Vanessa Glossop

Communications Director, Anytime