Broaden your marketplace with TXGB

Looking to expand into international markets and grow your customer reach?

Connect to Tourism Exchange GB (TXGB) with Anytime Booking, and take your first steps to broader outreach.

Anytime Booking is delighted to be working in partnership with VisitEngland to make it easier than ever for you to connect your accommodation to a wide range of global distributors.

Tourism Exchange GB (TXGB) is a B2B platform, developed by VisitEngland, which allows you to connect to a wide range of global distributors automatically via your Anytime Booking account. You control pricing, availability, distribution channels, and content – and bookings are linked to your existing account.

The key advantage is that TXGB gives you access to a wide range of global distribution channels, from large OTAs, to niche players, and wholesalers. You choose which distributors you want to work with, and the control of your product and your distribution channels rests firmly with you. Distributors already connected include, Expedia, Tripadvisor, Agoda, CTrip and Make My Trip  – the latter of which receives 111 million monthly shopper visits in the Indian market, alone. The opportunities for your global reach are huge, and growing all the time!

Vanessa Glossop, Head of Communications at Anytime Booking, says, “We see our partnership with TXGB as an integral part of our mission to provide a competitive advantage to our users. By opting into our connection to TXGB, our clients can tap seamlessly into a wide range of distribution opportunities, and take real demonstrable steps to grow their business, both nationally and internationally.”

With the connection due to go live at the end of November 2019, now is the perfect time to register your interest both with TXGB and us here at Anytime Booking. See more at and set yourself on the path for international growth.

Vanessa Glossop

Communications Director, Anytime