There is a buzz in the air about the park reception. It is a changing and challenging environment. ‘Reception’ is no longer solely a physical space, it has stepped into the realms of the virtual. A park now begins to receive its guests long before they physically walk through its doors.

At Anytime Booking we work with many parks around the UK to streamline the check-in process; the diversity of reception facilities is fascinating. From offering innovative welcome packs, to uber-cool tent tags and basic self check-in systems (we’ve seen a piece of paper pegged to the gatepost with a highlighter pen!), there are so many different approaches to receiving guests.

Stepping outside of the physical reception space, ‘Reception’ also comes to mean the feelings instilled in your guests when they find your website or listing; the involvement they have when they make their booking; the continuous communication they’ll have before they arrive. They like to feel the welcome, the warmth and the support from the start.

We would love to hear about your reception! ‘The Reception’ is also a hot topic at our Anytime Booking Conference on Thursday 5th February 2015. There are still delegate spaces for our free one-day event.

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