Anytime Booking has launched a fully responsive booking process 

By our standards, size really does matter – your customers will now be able to find you and a book a holiday on any size device, from the tiniest mobile phone to the latest tablet, laptop or home PC.

“In 2013, worldwide mobile phone internet user penetration was 73.4%. In 2017, figures suggest that more than 90% of internet users will access online content through their phones” – Statista, The Statistics Portal

Why is this important?

It helps you stay ahead of the game.

The way people are now viewing websites and consuming online information means we all need to be considering how we engage with the outside world to offer the best online experience for our various brands and services.

Paying customers expect to be able to book and pay for a holiday online, from anywhere and often on the move. They might be sitting in a pub, or round at a friend’s house, or just sitting on their sofa at home, browsing for a holiday on their smartphone and bingo, inspiration strikes. They want that holiday, and they want it now.

It is important that they can book and make a transaction without the need to pinch their screens, without falling off the edge altogether or losing their ‘Pay Now’ button. This will just end in frustration and a no-sale.

If you get it right, you won’t lose business.

Benefits of having a responsive booking system:

  • Future proof your business
  • Offer a smarter, better, faster, user experience
  • Increase your accessibility and competitive edge
  • Increase conversion rates and therefore revenue
  • Improve your SEO rankings (since April 2015, websites that are not optimised for mobile appear lower down on Google’s search rankings)

What if I am already an Anytime Booking customer?

Talk to us today about upgrading your account by emailing [email protected]. If you go for it, your customers will thank you for it.