The advent of the internet changed the way we communicate forever.  Social media is a great way to interact with people instantly and to get your name out there.  If you’re not in it, you won’t win it.  Here are our 15 top tips to get your social presence working for you…

1  Be engaging and listen!  Don’t post for the sake of it, social media is a conversation not just a loud speaker to holler at the masses.   Show an interest in your fans.

2  Think before you post!  Social networks are so instant, post with caution.

3  Use the right network.  For instant feedback try Facebook, Google + and Twitter.  There’s nothing better to help you improve and gain kudos!  Use Foursquare to digitally reward or Facebook to provide deals for repeat customers.  For networking in the industry LinkedIn is for you.  To build brands and loyalty how about Facebook, Google+,  Youtube, FourSquare or LinkedIn.  Consumers generally use Facebook and Twitter, make sure you have a presence there.

4  Don’t be a social hussy!  Don’t just like everything, follow everyone and put everybody in a circle.  Keep your contacts relevant and make every connection count.  There’s no point offering competition prizes to people who don’t really care about your business and are just following for the chance of winning a freebie.  Join relevant targeted groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ to find people who are singing from the same song sheet.

5  Analyse!  There are great tools to analyse where your readers come from, what they click and how they interact with you.  Try Facebook Insights or Google Analytics for your website.

6  Stay professional.  Don’t let your personal opinions speak on behalf of your business.  Make sure your photographs look smart, especially on your profile picture.

7  One at a time!  Choose a network and build your followers, then move on to the next one.  No need to spin all your plates at once.

8  Make meaningful updates.  Build trust to gain more referrals.   Inform and entertain!  Think about who you follow and why they appeal to you.  Offer advice, help and recommendations to engage in your community.

9  Reply promptly to messages and comments.  Show you care.

10  Describe yourself!  Does your profile explain who you are, where you are, what you do and what you can offer?  Put your unique selling points in this section so any newbies can figure out who you are instantly and if you have something to offer them.  Don’t forget to link to your website and your booking page!  If someone has shown interest in you, give them the tools to find out more.

11  Keep it personal.  Automatic updates can have their place but there’s nothing better than real-time personal interaction.  Show your face!  No one relates to a logo.  If someone likes or follows you, say thank you.  A little message goes a long way to earn loyalty.

12  Stand out from the crowd.  If you’ve got something different to offer, put it out there!  There are so many groups, businesses and people on social networks, you’ll need to let your personality and company persona shine through.

13  Put effort into your relationship!  No flowers and chocolates required, but invest time to get the most out.  Introduce people, get chatting, make referrals and see how many you get in return.

14  Interact!  How about a call to action…ask your readers to do something so they begin their conversation with you, answer a question, post a survey lead them to your blog or website.

15  Finally, have fun!  Everyone loves a giggle!  Don’t be too serious!  Just enjoy yourself and post the things that make you laugh out loud too.


So this post wouldn’t be complete without links to our social networking pages…pop along and have a look, let me know what your thoughts are on our posts…




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