the difference a partner makes…


“helping web designers and developers create beautiful online booking processes for businesses”

Our Partner Programme provides you with free software, full training, dedicated support and marketing leads.  It’s a true partnership!

We’ll give you your own partner version of Anytime Booking which contains every feature availability to use and we’ll give you full HTML / CSS access to all our availability widgets for you to design, test and integrate into your client’s website.   All the availability widgets can work on any CMS platform – from WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine or just plan HTML pages.  Should you need technical help with any of the integration or styling processes, our developers are here on hand to help with your project.

4 great reasons to join our Anytime Booking Partner Programme

1. Design is important 

We understand importance of great design and user experience.  For any designer and developer out there, finding the right third party booking system may be a mind field, but what you’ll find with us is our friendly support team for both you and your client.  Helping you complete your project with ease.

2. Our team is your team 

We listen to our partners to continually deliver new features and product updates, so if your website project is completely new and you need a completely new features that we currently don’t offer, we will give you a discounted rate for developing this for you.  Do check out our feature request list in the Help Centre though, you’ll always see that we’re working on new cool stuff!

3. Full training and support 

We understand that your client may come up with a completely new set of requirements when it comes to online booking processes and we do love a good challenge! We have a wealth of experience with accommodation booking software, have a chat with us before you start your project and we’ll guide you through the best ways to make the booking software work hard for your client.

4. Earn revenue

For every customer using Anytime through you or your company, you’ll receive a margin on the licence fee throughout the whole lifetime of our mutual client.

Interested? It’s free to join, just get in contact with us! Click here