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Start taking payments easily, anytime. Anytime Payments connects with your existing merchant service, keeping life simple.

We’ve been thinking for a while about the benefits of establishing our own payment gateway to make life easier for our existing and prospective customers.

We have been offering integration with Stripe, PayPal and a whole host of payment gateways since inception, but we have kept coming back to the fact that we really want to provide a payment solution of our own.

After many weeks of deliberation and hard work, we are ready to go!

Anytime Payments is an online payment gateway through which you can collect your money online (eCommerce) or when the cardholder is not present (MOTO). So in other words, as well as taking payment for online bookings you can take money for telephone bookings via your Anytime Payments virtual terminal – or indeed through a physical chip and pin machine if you have one as part of your merchant service.

There are absolutely no hidden charges in our gateway such as bolt-on fees for adding new acquiring banks or virtual terminals, for which other gateways often slap on a charge.

Any merchant/acquiring bank can connect with Anytime Payments, making life easier if you are a prospective customer looking to onboard with your existing merchant bank. We’re all about taking down the barriers.

If you are already an Anytime Booking customer and are looking for a more competitive merchant provider, please do talk to us about migrating to Anytime Payments.

What do we charge?

What we offer is exactly the same as other payment gateways, but we are more economical – and you will have only one set of contacts as a bonus!

Our rate is £18.00 + VAT per month for 300 transactions per month. Thereafter the fee will be 10p per additional transaction. If you have a high volume of transactions and regularly go over the 300 transactions per month, talk to us and we tailor a package just for you.

I don’t have a merchant provider, can I carry on using Stripe or PayPal?

Yes of course! Anytime Booking will continue to integrate with Stripe or PayPal.

Can Anytime Booking help me source a merchant provider?

We are more than happy to help you along. We work with a host of trusted merchant service providers so we can point you in the right direction for a very competitive rate on your transactions.

Should I be moving away from Stripe or PayPal?

This really does depend on you and the amount of business you channel. You only have to pay Stripe and PayPal against successful transactions as they are pay-as-you-go services, whereas merchant services usually ask for a fixed monthly charge – however, the cost per transaction through a merchant provider will usually be lower than Stripe or PayPal.

If you want to be able to take MOTO payments either on a payment gateway virtual terminal or physical chip and pin (supplied by your merchant provider) then, absolutely, look at using Anytime Payments as your payment gateway in conjunction with your merchant account.

How do we come on board with Anytime Payments?

Call us on 01326 574660 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to talk through the process with you.



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