What’s the latest in Tech world?
You will probably hear in the news soon that Facebook, Google and other techy type companies are all giving press releases about the Heartbleed Bug.

What’s the problem?
OpenSSL, the technology that powers the SSL certificates, has a security hole which could potentially leak unsecure information to the outside world.

What’s an SSL certificate?  How does it affect us?
We have an SSL certificate on our booking system software that helps keep our data safe.  When you see a padlock on the address bar it shows the SSL certificate is quietly protecting you in the background.  It secures all web traffic between you (our clients) and the back office of the Anytime Booking software.  Although we’re not handling credit card data ourselves, we still have an SSL certificate to ensure we’re PCI compliant whilst talking to other payment gateway providers like Paypal and Sagepay.

What do I need to do?
As far as your Anytime Booking account is concerned, Nothing!  As of 1400hrs BST yesterday our server was patched by our operating system provider.  (We use one of the most secure operating systems in the market).

We haven’t found any evidence that Heartbleed has affected us, but to be safe we have applied the patch to our servers and are now protected from any vulnerability from the Haertbleed bug!