We met Spencer of Tegology at The Glamping Show this year and were immediately bowled over by his nifty bit of thinking that is set to change how campers think about stoves forever.

Is it one of the coolest things we’ve seen for a while on the camping scene? Yes. Is it a stove? Yes. Is it a charger? Well, yes. It is so clever. No wonder Peter Jones couldn’t say no when Spencer presented it to him in The Dragon’s Den.

The cool bit 

The reason the Tegstove is so achingly cool is because it does the things you’ve always wanted one stove to do and more. It is compact, it is extremely stable, it controls the heat over a wider cooking area (no burnt bits in the middle!) and it stores energy so you can use it to charge your mobile devices. It ticks every box plus a box you didn’t even realise was there.

Who would’ve thought you could go completely wild camping, cook up a huge pan of chilli without it falling over or burning, and have the facility to remain in touch with the outside world at the same time? Great if you need to quickly post up that pic of the elusive Bigfoot. Or do something serious like catch up with the news or an important email. Or show your friends at home how fabulous you look beside your campfire in your grown-up onesie. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

The science bit

Standard camping stoves will often use a mix of Butane, Propane and Isobutane to create a gas that works in cold climates. This is an unstable and expensive method. Tegstove uses widely available, cost-effective, clean-burning butane gas.

Butane is better gas – it comes in lighter cylinders, it can be stored inside, it’s cheaper, less volatile and readily available.

However, it gets cold fast and the pressure reduces – but Tegstove has harnessed this to create a greater difference in temperature between the hot and cold plates. The result? A strong controlled flame and stable production of electricity using a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG).

The ordering bit (because we know you’ll want to)

Go to the Tegology website and preorder your kit. It will be delivered in April 2017 just in time for the next camping season! Then sit back and wait smugly, knowing just how much this gadget will impress your friends and fellow campers.

Congratulations to Spencer and the Tegology team! You’ve made big fans out of us here at Anytime Booking, you’re onto a big winner!