Our Channel Management offering will save you valuable time. We’ve prioritised working with camping and self-catering related travel websites to share real time availability and drive bookings directly into your Anytime Booking diary.

Direct two way booking sync

As camping and glamping specialists we work hard to provide two-way connections in this field. We push info to these guys and they talk back to us, cutting through your admin and delivering bookings directly into your Anytime system. Campers unite!

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Global Distribution through Rentals United

Connect to 50+ global and niche channels to boost your reach and revenue. Some of the offerings are two-way channels, some one-way and some only share availability. But one platform controls the lot. Connect to literally millions of travellers around the world looking for that perfect stay. Powerful stuff. Read More

Simple Availability Sharing (iCal)

This is in your hands. If you fancy connecting to another travel-related website eg. Canopy & Stars, you can export your Anytime Booking calendar into their website so long as it supports iCal (theirs does!). Simply take your pitch/property URL from your Anytime account and paste it into the supporting website (follow their instructions, everyone does it slightly differently). Happy sharing!

canopy & stars

UK Distribution through PropSync

Provides real-time availability updates to a variety of booking networks in the UK.