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Top ten things you can do with Anytime Booking!

Top ten things you can do with Anytime Booking!

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1)   Automatic email responses

Using Anytime Booking can substantially reduce your company’s administrative tasks.  When you receive a new booking an automatic welcome email will be instantly sent out to your customer, with all their booking details, at the click of a mouse! Not only that, you’ll be able to see the email was delivered successfully. There are many automatic emails you can use, including; balance reminders, provisional bookings, pre-arrival and post departure emails, to name a few. All designed for effective communication between you and your customer – no more copying and pasting from one customer to the next, and spending the next half an hour panicking as to the whether the email has actually reached its destination, or is stuck somewhere in cyberspace!

2)   Email Marketing

Above and beyond the general automatic emails, you can send targeted email marketing campaigns.  Are you still sending costly brochures in the post? Getting fed up with the long process of sending mass emails to everyone you’ve ever collected an email address for and not knowing whether they’ve been delivered or opened? We have an email marketing module that allows you to segment your customer data for creating targeted email marketing campaigns. You can send a targeted email to everyone that stayed with you, in a specific pitch or cottage, and came with a dog because you have some dog friendly spaces left to sell!

3)   Full connection with Pitchup.com

We have a full integration with the UK’s leading campsite, Pitchup.com. This integration is designed to save you time by sending all the booking information directly into your Anytime Booking account and updating the availability for both services.  No need to worry about receiving emails from Pitchup.com confirming your latest booking and having to quickly get them into your current booking management system before a double booking happens.

4)   You’re able to export customers

Just a simple thing, but really handy! You can export a full .CSV of all your customer data – great for sending out personalised letters and postcards.

5)   Easy to read availability chart

Nothing is more complicated (and frustrating sometimes) than keeping up with your bookings. “How did I manage to book the same unit for the same date twice?!” or “Did I really make that unavailable in the middle of the summer?!” These are some of the common questions I’m sure you have asked yourself at least once this year. We have an easy to read availability chart. You can see when each of your pitches and cottages are available, when they are booked, as well as the dates you have chosen to set them as unavailable – just simple and less time consuming!

6)   Statistics, stats and just the stuff that lets you know how well you’re doing

Do you want to keep track of your telephone and online bookings that are easy to view? Our little pie charts will help you to do this – allowing you to keep monthly or yearly records of your bookings and referrals. You could even use this information to tailor an email marketing campaign! You can also generate some nifty reports to see how well your referrals are earning you money – great to find out if the magazine advertisement your paying for is actually generating bookings.

7)   We create search widgets

We offer a wide variety of availability search widgets. This makes it easier for you, and your customers, to find out what’s available and how much it costs at the click of a button. As well as this, our widgets blend seamlessly with your website giving your customer faith in your brand.

8)   Booking process brand match

We customise the customer-facing element of your booking system to match the look and feel of your website! We understand that the company brand is very important. So we like to make sure the customer journey, from search availability through to making a booking, is simple to use and completely your company identity.

9)   Attention to detail…

The most important aspect of any business is to make sure the customer is happy and comfortable. We know booking systems are not the easiest to get to grips with and we understand there are some moments where you could really do with our help – and this is why we have developed a knowledge base. Our knowledge base is regularly updated with detailed descriptions of each area of our system. Just type in what you are looking for and suggestions will appear!

10) Our team!

Something very unique about Anytime Booking is our team. We are a young, friendly, passionate and energetic bunch and we are here to help you make the most out of your Anytime Booking system! Over the past 2 years we have developed a great community of users and if you’re thinking of joining us, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be delighted to show you how we can help you.

15 Ways to Use Social Media to your Advantage

15 Ways to Use Social Media to your Advantage

The advent of the internet changed the way we communicate forever.  Social media is a great way to interact with people instantly and to get your name out there.  If you’re not in it, you won’t win it.  Here are our 15 top tips to get your social presence working for you…

1  Be engaging and listen!  Don’t post for the sake of it, social media is a conversation not just a loud speaker to holler at the masses.   Show an interest in your fans.

2  Think before you post!  Social networks are so instant, post with caution.

3  Use the right network.  For instant feedback try Facebook, Google + and Twitter.  There’s nothing better to help you improve and gain kudos!  Use Foursquare to digitally reward or Facebook to provide deals for repeat customers.  For networking in the industry LinkedIn is for you.  To build brands and loyalty how about Facebook, Google+,  Youtube, FourSquare or LinkedIn.  Consumers generally use Facebook and Twitter, make sure you have a presence there.

4  Don’t be a social hussy!  Don’t just like everything, follow everyone and put everybody in a circle.  Keep your contacts relevant and make every connection count.  There’s no point offering competition prizes to people who don’t really care about your business and are just following for the chance of winning a freebie.  Join relevant targeted groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ to find people who are singing from the same song sheet.

5  Analyse!  There are great tools to analyse where your readers come from, what they click and how they interact with you.  Try Facebook Insights or Google Analytics for your website.

6  Stay professional.  Don’t let your personal opinions speak on behalf of your business.  Make sure your photographs look smart, especially on your profile picture.

7  One at a time!  Choose a network and build your followers, then move on to the next one.  No need to spin all your plates at once.

8  Make meaningful updates.  Build trust to gain more referrals.   Inform and entertain!  Think about who you follow and why they appeal to you.  Offer advice, help and recommendations to engage in your community.

9  Reply promptly to messages and comments.  Show you care.

10  Describe yourself!  Does your profile explain who you are, where you are, what you do and what you can offer?  Put your unique selling points in this section so any newbies can figure out who you are instantly and if you have something to offer them.  Don’t forget to link to your website and your booking page!  If someone has shown interest in you, give them the tools to find out more.

11  Keep it personal.  Automatic updates can have their place but there’s nothing better than real-time personal interaction.  Show your face!  No one relates to a logo.  If someone likes or follows you, say thank you.  A little message goes a long way to earn loyalty.

12  Stand out from the crowd.  If you’ve got something different to offer, put it out there!  There are so many groups, businesses and people on social networks, you’ll need to let your personality and company persona shine through.

13  Put effort into your relationship!  No flowers and chocolates required, but invest time to get the most out.  Introduce people, get chatting, make referrals and see how many you get in return.

14  Interact!  How about a call to action…ask your readers to do something so they begin their conversation with you, answer a question, post a survey lead them to your blog or website.

15  Finally, have fun!  Everyone loves a giggle!  Don’t be too serious!  Just enjoy yourself and post the things that make you laugh out loud too.


So this post wouldn’t be complete without links to our social networking pages…pop along and have a look, let me know what your thoughts are on our posts…




Knowing me, knowing you (ah haaa)…

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15 Ways to Use Social Media to your Advantage

Community Events – Anytime Office Closes for Flora Day Celebrations!

8th May Flora Celebrations in Helston

How did your Easter go?  Hope you had a prosperous start to the season.  Anytime Booking’s Spring is in full fling.  I have heard that a heatwave is coming so it’s time to get your sunscreen and knotted hankies out!

On the May the 8th Helston closes to traffic and our office will be buried hundreds deep with people from far and wide who have come to see the Flora spectacle.  The town band will be playing full volume outside the window so we’ll be closing the office on Thursday 8th May 2014 for one day only.  You are welcome to send in any email queries and we’ll deal with them on our return.  The office will reopen and normal services will resume on Friday 9th May.

Flora Day Live Stream!

Our very own Wendy (Managing Director) came up with the bright idea of live streaming Flora Day to raise Helston’s profile.  Phil’s contribution (Technical Director) will be using his expertise to support the live online streaming from the office on Thursday 8th May 2014 of Helston’s famous Furry dance!  (You may recognise the tune from the old Terry Wogan cover…  )

If you can’t make it to Helston on Thursday, we’ve got  cameras and some clever techy stuff to beam out live images to the interwebs so you can watch the excitement unfold live!  We’re hoping to get sound rigged up on the day so you can hear the band too.

Check out the Visit Helston site to see the live stream in action!  (Views from our office…Camera 1 and Camera 2 and a view of the Guild Hall…Camera 3

Our very own Jonathan (Commercial Director) will be attending his last official function as Helston’s town mayor after 2 years of loyal service to Helston and its people.  See if you can spot him on the live stream, he’ll be at the front leading the dance.  You can’t miss him, he’ll be the one wearing all the bling!


Office Opening Hours:

Tuesday 6th May              Open 9am – 5pm

Wednesday 7th May       Open 9am – 5pm

Thursday 8th May            Office Closed for Flora Day celebrations

Friday 9th May                   Open 9am – 5pm


Happy Flora Day everyone!



Knowing me, knowing you (ah haaa)…

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aDSC_9537cc[5] aDSC_9749[7] Jonathan Flora Day 2014

15 Ways to Use Social Media to your Advantage

Where was the National Pride on St Georges Day?

The only thing missing from St George’s day…is everything!

Well St George’s day was such a non-event for Helston!  Did anyone actually celebrate it?  I like to join the Irish to celebrate St Patrick’s Day because there is a drop or two of Irish blood running through my veins.  The Scots have St Andrew’s Day and the Welsh, St David’s (celebrated by our own MD Wendy) but England just doesn’t seem to keep up with tradition. We did once upon a time but it was killed off in the 18th century.

On Wednesday, I dressed up in red and white and ran round singing Jerusalem at the top of my voice to celebrate my half English heritage (true story).  Everyone I bumped into asked me why I was wearing patriotic colours!  Only 3 others knew it was St George’s day at all!

Fancy a national holiday?

Despite my attempts to stir up everyone’s patriotic feelings, the pride we all felt at the Olympics, (hundreds of people watching the flame arrive by plane to our local navy base) and the street parties celebrating the Royal wedding seem so far into the distant past.  There have been a few crusaders who have attempted to rekindle the fires of patriotic pride (pledge to take the day off or vote to move the bank holiday so the season starts earlier…)  Poor old St George does seem to be the forgotten saint.  I’m very tempted to start a campaign of my own to make St George’s a national holiday.  It would be very fitting and would be a great bonus for Anytime Booking and our customers if we managed to add another holiday date to the calendar!


Cornish Pride…

Back in Helston we really know how to throw a party.  Every year on May 8th we throw the best street party ever!  Flora Day  is a mix of pagan and traditional rituals celebrating the end of winter and welcoming in the spring.  We celebrate vitality and fertility by adorning the town with flowers and foliage, singing, dancing and loving life!  The day starts off with the Servants Dance followed by the Hal-an-Tow, a mummers type play telling the story of St George slaying the dragon.  Several dances follow including the Children’s and the Midday where processions of Ascot style dresses and traditional top hat and tail outfits adorn the dancers.   Wouldn’t it be great if the rest of England put on a show like we do?  We’re planning to set up a webcam to live stream the event from our office.  Keep your eye on our Facebook and Twitter to find out how we get on!

Three cheers to St George and 3 C’s… here’s to Courage, Chivalry and Charity.


Knowing me, knowing you (ah haaa)…

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The Heartbleed Bug

What’s the latest in Tech world?
You will probably hear in the news soon that Facebook, Google and other techy type companies are all giving press releases about the Heartbleed Bug.

What’s the problem?
OpenSSL, the technology that powers the SSL certificates, has a security hole which could potentially leak unsecure information to the outside world.

What’s an SSL certificate?  How does it affect us?
We have an SSL certificate on our booking system software that helps keep our data safe.  When you see a padlock on the address bar it shows the SSL certificate is quietly protecting you in the background.  It secures all web traffic between you (our clients) and the back office of the Anytime Booking software.  Although we’re not handling credit card data ourselves, we still have an SSL certificate to ensure we’re PCI compliant whilst talking to other payment gateway providers like Paypal and Sagepay.

What do I need to do?
As far as your Anytime Booking account is concerned, Nothing!  As of 1400hrs BST yesterday our server was patched by our operating system provider.  (We use one of the most secure operating systems in the market).

We haven’t found any evidence that Heartbleed has affected us, but to be safe we have applied the patch to our servers and are now protected from any vulnerability from the Haertbleed bug!