Are you booking ready? Checklisting your system for summer 2021

When: Wednesday 5th May
Time: 10am GMT

Join us to make sure you are ready for summer 2021!

We will walk you through all the areas of the system you should be keeping an eye on as you ready yourself for summer, such as:

  • checking rates
  • making T&Cs more visible in emails
  • extending date ranges on your extras and deposits
  • connecting to sales channels to diversify your booking sources
  • considering using extra guest services like booking protection or digital guidebooks 

This webinar is best for: 

Existing Anytime users.

The first 30 minutes will be a presentation by us and the remaining 30 minutes is for general Q&A, so please come and join in!

Featured Speakers:

Wendy Harris
Co-founder & Managing Director, Anytime

Vanessa Glossop
Communications Director, Anytime