Is it for me?

Why should I use Anytime Booking?

Because we believe we are the best software on the market for the camping, glamping and self-catering sectors. We have spent years learning about this market and we’ve created a system with an incredible amount of functionality to keep you ahead.

Camping, glamping and cottage rentals are complicated in that they are selling much more than a room. Every business does things slightly differently. We have thought about that!

Your admin will be carved in half with the level of automation in the system. You will enjoy an increase in connectivity which will rake in the bookings. We partner with various channel managers, online travel agents (OTAs) and global distribution networks relevant to you to put you in front of an international audience of millions.

Who is the software mainly aimed at?

Mainly at camping, glamping and self-catering businesses, although we also have an increasing number of customers with B&Bs, hostels, bunkhouses, activity centres and marinas who find our flexible system also meets their needs.

How tech savvy do I have to be to use your system?

Most people find that learning to use our system is pretty simple, as it’s been designed to be both intuitive and easy to use and customisable for your needs. If you can use the internet, you’ll be able to use our system.

Can you set up my account for me?

Yes, we can, though at a cost of £40 +VAT per hour – but you’ll still need training to use the system for its ongoing use!

So what we really recommend is to set your account up yourself (it’s the best way to learn how to use the system) by working through our training videos and extensive Knowledge Base of article.

You’re also eligible for unlimited email and phone support with staff dedicated to your account as you go through the onboarding process to get you up and running quickly and painlessly.

How long will it take to get up and running?

As a rule of thumb, we find that businesses with 5 units (i.e. pitches, glamping pods or properties) or less can usually get up and running within a week, most camping sites within a month and most larger sites within 2 months.

However, to some extent the speed depends on how much data needs to be transferred to your system and how decisive you can be about your pricing, especially if you’re transferring from a paper-based system!

Most people find that learning to use our system is pretty simple, as it’s been designed to be both intuitive and easy to use and customisable for your needs. If you can use the internet, you’ll be able to use our system.

Is the system responsive to all devices?

For the online customer booking a holiday, the system is completely responsive to any device, so customers can use anything which connects to the internet. While in the admin area, because of a fixed width of view of 960 pixels, it’s best to run on a larger screen, such as a tablet, iPad, PC or Mac.

Will it run with my existing website?

Yes, the system will run with any kind of website, whether that involves HTML (layout), Javascript (functionality) or CSS (colours).

Do you recommend any particular browsers to use with your system?

When in the admin area, it’s best to be running with up-to-date versions of Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

Can I commission specific development work if we need a feature your system presently doesn’t have?

Yes. Though we’re generally careful to prioritise development time free of charge for new features which will help the whole of our customer base, we can schedule in bespoke work for individual businesses at £75 +VAT per hour for you, if needed.

How many users can I have on my account?

As many as you want – it’s unlimited, and you can assign them all different levels of access.

Can I run multiple businesses from within one Anytime Booking account?

Yes. You can run multiple businesses from one account, which can also connect with multiple merchant accounts and providers.

Do you integrate with accounting software?

Not at the moment, but this is high on our bucket list of things to do!

Which sales channels do you connect to?

We have connections with camping and glamping-related sales channels such as, Caravan Sitefinder, Lovecamping, Glamping Hub and Canopy & Stars.

For the benefit of our cottage customer base, we partner with the global  distribution network Rentals United to put you in front of an international audience of millions via, TripAdvisor, AirBnB, Expedia, Homeaway, Hostelworld and Last Minute Cottages to name a few.

What payment gateways or other payment systems do you connect with?

Our very own Anytime Booking, Sagepay, Worldpay, Paypal and Stripe.


Pricing & Contracts

How do you charge?

We charge a base rate of £20 + VAT per month to licence the software plus a per-unit fee for the number of active units on your account.

This keeps pricing fair and square according to the size of your business. We are not fans of price banding where you might be paying double the price of the campsite next door just because you have five more pitches than them.

The matrix goes like this (+ VAT, per month):

£20 + £1 per pitch
£20 + £2 per static caravan/glamping pod/room
£20 + £3 per cottage/activity
£POA for very large sites


Do you have optional extras and what do you charge for them?


E-marketing module. Online marketing linked into your customer records, starting from £20.40 per month or £10 per campaign and 2p per email for occasional use.

Text messaging. The easy way to communicate with your guests, from £7 for 100 credits.


Do I need to pay my licence fee every month?

Yes. Though your site may be closed for the winter, your software is still open and working hard taking online bookings for your new season.

How do you collect my licence fees?

All via Direct debit – we’ll set up that with your account prior to going live.


Do I have to pay monthly?

We find most of our customers prefer to spread their fees monthly, but for smaller businesses, we can charge you annually if you prefer.

What is my contract period?

12 month initially, then 2 months rolling thereafter.

Do you take any commission?

No, unlike with some of our competitors, you’ll always know what you’re paying us.



What happens if my internet goes down?

Though Anytime Booking uses a cloud based internet system which means that normally you can access it from any internet connection, you can also access the system through public wifi or on your mobile or tablet via 3G or 4G.

How secure is your software?

It’s hosted on DigitalOcean, is backed up hourly and has the highest level of security to ensure your data is kept secure and safe.



What support do you offer?

We offer unlimited email support during the lifetime of your account and phone support bundles are available after you go live. During your set-up period, email and phone support is uncapped.

What is your Service Level Agreement?

We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and we feel this is a major differentiator from the vast majority of our competitors. Most of the time, you’ll get your resolution on the same working day, at the very outside, it will be within 3 working days if it is a non-urgent enquiry.

How reliable is your system?

In the last year, we’ve been down in working hours for about 45 minutes and this was due to an external cause (in this case, a main electronics cable being chopped, which also affected a large part of the country). We guarantee 99.8% uptime and have consistently achieved much better than this. If we do system maintenance we try to do it out of office hours.


Everyday use & customisation

Can I enter telephone bookings alongside online bookings?

Certainly. You can put those in as and when they come in. Alternatively, your customers can make their own bookings online without you needing to take them yourself.

What kind of calendars do you have?

We have 4 types: a 3 month calendar, a multi until calendar,  a searchable calendar and a book now button. Here’s the knowledge base article on calendars:

Can I add or remove accommodation from my account?

Yes, you can up-or down-scale any time as required. The system notifies us and your licence fee is adjusted accordingly.

Can I mass transfer my previous, current and future bookings from another system in one go?

Yes. If you have less than 100 bookings this is relatively simple to do yourself. If you have more than 100, we can do the work for you, though we’d need to give you a quote for the work.

Can you provide interactive pitch maps?

Yes – we work with select designers who can create an image of your property, park, or glamping site and we then digitise it to make it clickable, showing availability for each unit via the map itself.

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