Get Smart, Get Mobile

Get Smart, Get Mobile


Anytime Booking has launched a fully responsive booking process 

By our standards, size really does matter – your customers will now be able to find you and a book a holiday on any size device, from the tiniest mobile phone to the latest tablet, laptop or home PC.

“In 2013, worldwide mobile phone internet user penetration was 73.4%. In 2017, figures suggest that more than 90% of internet users will access online content through their phones” – Statista, The Statistics Portal

Why is this important?

It helps you stay ahead of the game.

The way people are now viewing websites and consuming online information means we all need to be considering how we engage with the outside world to offer the best online experience for our various brands and services.

Paying customers expect to be able to book and pay for a holiday online, from anywhere and often on the move. They might be sitting in a pub, or round at a friend’s house, or just sitting on their sofa at home, browsing for a holiday on their smartphone and bingo, inspiration strikes. They want that holiday, and they want it now.

It is important that they can book and make a transaction without the need to pinch their screens, without falling off the edge altogether or losing their ‘Pay Now’ button. This will just end in frustration and a no-sale.

If you get it right, you won’t lose business.

Benefits of having a responsive booking system:

  • Future proof your business
  • Offer a smarter, better, faster, user experience
  • Increase your accessibility and competitive edge
  • Increase conversion rates and therefore revenue
  • Improve your SEO rankings (since April 2015, websites that are not optimised for mobile appear lower down on Google’s search rankings)

What if I am already an Anytime Booking customer?

Talk to us today about upgrading your account by emailing If you go for it, your customers will thank you for it.

Home Farm Camping & Caravan Park

Home Farm Camping & Caravan Park

Home Farm is a jewel of a campsite only an hour west of London, nestled in the idyllic Chiltern Hills near the picturesque village of Radnage in Buckinghamshire.  Indeed, so pretty is the area that Home Farm is not unused to a camera crew or two (it is set to feature in the new series of a popular murder mystery programme, we believe!)

Twenty years young, the site is family run, welcoming and situated slap bang in the middle of gorgeous walking and red kite-spotting country. Even better, it is really close to an outstanding and cosy pub, with many more in the next village a mile away, so if you fancy a pint of something heady after wrestling with your tent, you’re in luck!

If the wilder side of camping does not bubble your crock-pot, Home Farm offers a spot of toe-warming glamping – 5 metre bell tents complete with double bed mattresses, single futons, chandeliers, rugs, internal wood-burning stove, firepit, BBQ and an ice bucket for the fizz… hang on, we feel an Anytime Booking mini-break coming on…

We asked the owner, Andrew Radford, what adopting the Anytime Booking software has meant for Home Farm as a business. Andrew lives life as a busy building contractor and property developer by day and campsite manager by night, so mounting admin was always an issue before he signed up to our booking and management package.

He says, “Anytime Booking has enabled me to keep the camp site open which may otherwise in reality have had to close. Being a small site, I could not give up my day job and was struggling with all the bookings at night. On top of this, taking the money and keeping track of it all was very difficult to say the least!”

Andrew continues, “Not only has Anytime Booking revolutionised how I run my business, and kept it open all year round, an additional and welcome bonus is that we have had a massive increase in bookings as people are now able to see if we have space and book and pay there and then themselves. Before, I was often unable to get back to them soon enough.”

“Keeping track of payments, receipts, who is on site and who is arriving are all so simple with Anytime Booking – the system even sends out directions and a map on its own!!!! What better service could you give to your guests?”

Having more time has meant that Andrew has been able to take things further for Home Farm as a business and work on factors that give them an edge over competing camping businesses. Some have even started to mirror what they do, which can only be taken as a compliment. Congratulations to Home Farm, another happy success story and thank you for choosing Anytime Booking to propel you to a better place!